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1. Never miss dinner you might regret it later that hour. 2. Park your car accessibly close. 3. Dont park in timed zones 2 hour, etc. parking over-time adds up. 4. Dont park in No Parking zones parking seats add up and need to be paid before next semesters registration. 5. Dont park in Tow Away locations towing costs are difficult to come by. 6. Simply take the bus. 7. A fine-point Sharpie is the best thing to make use of for signing autographs. 8. A fine-point Sharpie is the better thing to use for signing casts. 9. A fine-point Sharpie is the best thing to use for signing Im a buddy when you need one cards. 1-0. Staplers may be used to fix the hem on your jeans. 1-1. Staplers can NOT be used to correct a torn dress or bra strap. 12. Choice removers make great ice tongs for tiny ice cubes. 1-3. Choice removers are nearly worthless for removing heavy-duty staples, whether they are in paper or your drunk roommates eyeball. 14. The scent of the contents of a laundry bag is proportional to the level of the guest you just earned your dorm space compared to where the bag is hanging. The shorter the guest, the bigger the bag must hold fumes increase. 15. The smell of the contents of a laundry bag gets worse as the contents get higher in the bag. 16. There are two solutions to the scent of the contents of the washing bag: a. Wash the clothes. T. To research additional info, please check-out: staples fundable. Buy new clothes. c. Using the clothes home for the weekend for Mama to scrub isnt an option!! 1-7. Ensure it is color-coded, when you have to generate a chart for Geography type. 18. The time and additional expense of a color-coded information is going to be worth the effort when you see the An on the paper. 19. RoseArt makes the colored pencils and markers for making charts for Geography course. 20. Crayola indicators last longer and are likely richer, but simply because they all dry eventually and youll need to buy another set next session for your Anthropology charts, why waste the money now? 21. Wal-Mart is the better position to purchase school supplies, towels with the University emblem, and sweatshirts with the school emblem in it. To compare additional information, consider taking a gaze at: analysis. 22. Prices for EVERYTHING in the university bookstore are seriously inflated to show a pro-fit to the Board of Regents. 23. The Board of Regents really doesnt care how much you spent on indicators. 24. Wal-Mart was the very first shop on the-moon and on Mars, therefore you will see one in your college community. Find it. Patronize it. Get acquainted with its director. 2-5. Wal-Mart and Waffle House are case studies in your Marketing classes books. 26. Waffle House is open 24-hours per day. 2-7. Waffle House coffee may keep open your eyes, fill an empty belly that has no other money, and comfortable a student who needed a place to come in out of the rain. 28. Waffle House waitresses LIKE guidelines. 29. Waffle House waitresses love school young ones who tip. 30. Waffle House waitresses will hear with interest when you are teacher bashing before you start berating him just ensure hes perhaps not her brother. 31. Waffle House waitresses should come for your college and look on you with as their rent-a-kid pride if youve tipped frequently enough. 3-2. Use a corkboard, perhaps not the wall, as your bulletin board. 33. Drive pins leave small holes in the wall. 34. When you have to cover to have the holes filled in at the end of the term force pins leave small holes in your bank account. Basics do, too. 3-5. Basics are difficult to remove from the bulletin board. Use drive pins. 3-6. Drive pins can not be used to flatten your roommates boy or girl friends tires. Except when inserted into the sidewall of the tire nearby the side. 3-7. Taking 12 pairs of shoes to college is really a bit extortionate, especially since youll degrade your preferred tennis shoes, sandals, and loafers, however the the others have to be sent to school and back. 38. Dr. Scholls makes good gel positions for worn-out favorite tennis shoes. 3-9. In the event that you share a room/bath with several other roommates or hallmates, set the guidelines, perfectly, about the first day: a. Dont use our insert soap, wash, crme rinse, deodorant, towel, flannel, loofah, and so on. as required and Ill try not to use yours but a few times. b. Dont bring your girl-friend or boyfriend to the place without warning me first. Bring me earplugs and eyeshades therefore I wont have to observe what youre doing, should you choose. H. Dont take my last pencil/pen/paper without warning me first. Should you, I might have to use the right back of the term paper for my class notes. d. Keep your dirty, smelly laundry on your side of the space. My part will soon be full-of my own. Elizabeth. Be nice to me. Normally, my overly big primate friends might trash your side of the room one night while Im out for the night and have easily left the door unlocked. f. Let me know when youre going so I will take advantage of your part of the room to spend the particular date. 4-0. In the event that you keep them aligned hole punchers only work. 41. Gap punchers only work in the event that you keep them emptied of the little dots they develop from punching holes in your papers. 42. Great confetti are made by little dots from the hole-puncher hopper. 4-3. Little facts in the hopper are REALLY hard to get out of carpet. 44. The inexpensive, shag rug in older rental trailers that your older college friends are renting contains a lot of little dots in the hole-puncher hopper. 4-5. We found out about the guide to fundable staples by browsing webpages. Make use of the correct size binder show for the task. 46. Binder clips are available in a few sizes: a. This grand fundable competition use with has many staggering tips for the meaning behind this hypothesis. Teensy keeps 1 sheet of notebook paper or 2 kisses T. Tiny contains 4 sheets of notebook paper or 1 folded money for the Waffle House server. D. Little holds 8 sheets of notebook paper or 2 quarters for a bad Waffle House tip. N. Choice holds 20-40 sheets of notebook paper or for fixing 1 small magazine to your roommates pillowcase. e. Significant contains 10-0 sheets of notebook paper or a split seam of a relatively loose garment before you can get straight back to your dorm room; a split seam of a tight garment wants a cover or garbage to cover it up fixing it is a waste of time. f. Extortionate keeps 4 books and takes 3 individuals to press it open; in case you get your hand caught in its jaws of death, have another person dial 911. 4-7. Sticky-dos generally called post-it notes are available in several flavors: a. 1.5 x 2 Small. Worth-less for anything but telling you to ultimately get bigger sticky-dos. T. 3 x 3 Medium. Dont make use of this size to leave notes in your roommates pillow like Were all-out of cornflakes. FU [quote from Felix Unger, performed by Jack Lemmon, in The Odd Couple, a movie about roommates]. H. 4 x 6 Large. More costly, in the higher colors, make good backgrounds on your roommates dull bulletin board. 48. Treasure videos, whether plastic or metal, are useless. Until you must hold used cells together while your drunken partner spills the beans at IHOP in regards to the frat party bash/orgy/sleepover. 49. IHOP waitresses like tips, also. 5-0. Academic pursuits in college are for the free time. Follow them sparingly. Next: How you can survive your first session academically..

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