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Finally a cheap smartphone lens that works on with every Samsung phone (even when one upgrades) that delivers good quality images. Having used every cheap lens on the market we've come to realise that they are cheap for a reason. Here is a smartphone lens that actually delivers on the promise of better phone pictures. The package has what any good photographer would want to shoot better images, either when travelling or on daily use. A macro and wide-angle is the perfect match, it's not unweildy in your bag yet the results are great. As far as price/value goes, there is no better 25 smartphone lens out there Everyone has a smartphone or an iOS device, not everyone has a great lens. Why should you get a Pocket Lens? • Durable quality the design of this lens kit is made to last. Identify new info on this related wiki by clicking Read more about this smartphone lens product. Professional photographers have tested it for you. Taking pictures in the cold, removing and adding the wide-angle lens, dropping it on the ground and the lens held up just fine. • Easy to operate The strong plastic clip fits on or off your smartphone in a second. No time wasted to put the lens on or off, enjoy taking great pictures. • No black shadows The glass of our wideangle smartphone lens is of greater quality than others and doesn't produce any black shadows around the photo. • Less is more Based on professional photographers advice and experience we have built what works best wide-angle and macro. Start taking amazing pictures and stun your friends with your new photography talent, buy your Pocket Lens today..

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